USDC overtaking USDT (Tether) in circulating supply.

USDC overtaking USDT (Tether) in circulating supply. This competition is good. It establishes legitimacy of demand and allows us to not be dependent on any single system. 

They all have their strengths:

  • USDT – CENTRALIZED Most trading pairs so most common on exchanges
  • USDC – CENTRALIZED More transparent backing in USD, Free convert to USD on Coinbase
  • Terra UST – Most DECENTRALIZED algorithmic stablecoin backed by LUNA (just flipped DAI by market cap)
  • Paxos/BUSD – CENTRALIZED stablecoin fully backed by Paxos
  • DAI – DECENTRALIZED, partially backed algorithmic stablecoi


2021 Year of the NFT

Its hilarious to look at the angle on this chart. NFTs are surely the story of 2021. This is the growth people expect when they come to cryptos, but I bet most of you missed these gains in one way or another. Maybe you were busy right click saving lol. You got to stay plugged in and keep your awareness up.


Cardano quietly building from the ground up

I have seen a lot of FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) on Cardano recently. People are disappointed that this top 5 layer 1 coin has not made them rich. Cardano has been quietly developing faster than any other top layer 1 which bodes well in this time of inefficiency and crude architectures.


Cryptocurrency Inefficiency Concerns

Interesting article criticizing the inefficiency of cryptos, specifically BTC and ETH. These are legitimate concerns that will prevent these systems from reaching the goals we have. I believe that we are very early in this industry and these problems are being solved. If you can’t handle the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt), then you don’t deserve the gains.


ENS Domains are a rare NFT opportunity

Ethereum Name System has been slept on for long enough. This is an alternative to traditional Domain Name Servers like Google DNS or GoDaddy where you can register a website name like The difference between a .eth and a .com is the level of ownership and connectivity. ETH domains are connected to crypto wallets, NFTs, and your digital identity online. They are highly programable and I believe they will be a necessity for any person or company in a crypto future.


Comparing Layer 1 Networks

Here is an extensive comparison of the Layer 1 Networks published by The Block Research and funded by Algorand. This report is a deep dive into the competition of Layer 1 network, the problems that the leader Ethereum is facing, and how other networks are addressing these problems.