LAYER 1 100x

Token Trackers are market indexes; lists of fungible tokens in various sectors of cryptos. FLT is vetting projects based on fundamentals like leadership, vision, and financials. The 10x indexes are larger market cap projects and are more established. The 100x indexes are high risk projects with low market caps and are usually early in their development. These indexes are used by the FLT Trading Model to make swing/trend/grid trades for strategy and algorithm research. The crypto industry is extremely risky so trade on your own discretion and do your own research. This is not financial advice.

Layer 1 100x projects are newer backend blockchains which settle all transactions on their networks. They offer competitive improvements like scalability, fee structures, and advanced consensus mechanisms. Some of the factors mentioned in the 10x index may be lacking, such as decentralization or security audits.

Token Title
Market Cap



Last 30 Days

A next generation POS blockchain with smart contracts leveraging optimistic rollups. Very efficient. Focused on user participation and governance to make the network very adaptive. On-chain governance is controlled by participants "baking" 8000 XTZ in the network. Very decentralized. Tezos security is highly regarded and uses "OCaml and Michelson, which facilitate formal verification, a practice commonly used in mission-critical industries."

Leadership: A     Founder Arthur Breitman (France) previously Google X and Morgan Stanley, Cofounder Kathleen Breitman CEO of Dynamic Ledger Solutions parent company previously Accenture. Daniel Masters Chairman at CoinShares and Bulent Brad Yasar top level investors at Tezos foundation. 

July 2017 ICO raised $232M (one of the largest)

USDT’s deployment leads to momentum growth for Tezos in the DeFi space

To Foster Web3 Games Development, Tezos India Rolls Out Game Launchpad

Market Cap



Last 30 Days

A high-performance, scalable, and secure open-source smart-contract platform for digital assets and dApps. FTM uses a dPOS protocol and has an original high-speed aBFT consensus mechanism, Lachesis. FTM is Ethereum compatible and mainnet is written in Solidity. Uses a DAG 2.0 architecture and is a leader in this category. Fantom does not sacrifice security and decentralization in favor of scalability, and is really a collection of decentralized blockchains.

Leadership: B+     Founder and CEO Michael Kong is Australian entrepreneur, CTO Quan Nguyen previously NASDAQ and IBM. Core devs and others previously Intel, Digital Currency Holding, University of Sydney.

June 2018 ICO raised $39.65M

Fantom Foundation issues clarification statement about departure of Andre Cronje and Anton Nell

Fantom Unveils Significant Network Upgrades to Bolster Speed and Scalability Amid Surging User Growth

Market Cap



Last 30 Days

High performance distributed ledger designed to be a true permissionless IOT web of trust. Uses a proprietary "tangle" or a DAG. No blockchain, NO FEES. Uses a modified POW consensus in validation. Nodes are operated by larger participants in exchange for enhanced accessibility and control to the ledger. Highly decentralized. 

Leadership: A-     Popov is academic mathematician, Schiener is web-tech founder. Execs previously MIT, Siemens, Microsoft, Bosch.

December 2015 ICO raised $600k

Assembly announces $100M capital raise, receives praise from Iota co-founder Dominik Schiener

Market Cap



Last 30 Days

A highly scalable POS blockchain platform designed to support the whole internet economy. EGLD utilized adaptive state sharding and ETH compatible Elrond VM. Also a unique set of network participants; Validator processes transactions, Observers read and relay blockchain data, and Fisherman which validates and challenges proposed blocks. Elrond is very decentralized and to boost development they allow projects to collect 30% of transaction royalties. Some describe it as an Ethereum that is developing faster.

Leadership: A     Co-founder & CEO Beniamin Mincu founded Metachain Capital, co-founder and COO Lucian Todea is serial tech investor, co-founder and CIO Lucian Mincu infrastructure expert is CTO of Metachain Capital. Highly academic engineers from NTT Data, Microsoft, Intel, Tech Olympiad Champions.

July 2019 ICO raised $5.15M

Elrond Bets Big On Web3 Payments In 2022 With The Acquisition Of Leading Crypto Payments Provider Utrust

Market Cap

Aleph Zeroazero


Last 30 Days

A privacy-enhancing highly scalable POS blockchain that with instant finality and is focused on enterprise and DeFi use cases. AZERO is integrating an original aBFT consensus, ZK Proofs and sMPC for private smart contracts, and also uses a DAG architecture. The network is very decentralized and audited, taking much of its consensus code from Parity’s Substrate stack.

Leadership: A     Highly elite and academic based team. 4 co-founders; Matthew Niemerg, Ph.D; Adam Gagol, Ph.D; Antoni Zolciak; Michal Swietek, Ph.D. Several high caliber advisors and board members previously IBM, Decrypt, ING Bank, Google, Credit Suisse, Prysm Group, PWC, and other accolades. 

October 2018 ICO raised $14.8M

Aleph Zero Joins CLST, Explores Liquidity Provisioning for Stablecoin and Crypto Asset Adoption

Market Cap



Last 30 Days

A high-throughput POW blockchain using a DAG structure and weaves them together in a Chainweb. POW offers the security of BTC, but with negligible gas fees. KDA is running dozens of blockchain in parallel, producing many blocks simultaneously. Pact human readable language makes creating secure smart contracts easy. KDA is very decentralized and the 3 tier governance DAO is developing. 

Leadership: A+     Founded in 2016, Stuart Popejoy is renowned blockchain researcher/coder, Will Martino previously SEC, both are traders and previously at J. P. Morgan. Advisor Dr. Stuart Haber is the most cited author in the BTC whitepaper.
Doug Beardsley and Emily Pillmore, highest level devs from Disney, B of A, BAE Systems, Northrup Grumman.

November 2019 ICO raised $15M

Kadena: $100M Eco Grant, Doubling Employee Count, Marmalade

Market Cap

Hedera Hashgraphhbar


Last 30 Days

A sustainable high performance network for fast, fair, and secure applications. Built on a DAG distributed ledger called a hashgraph, not a blockchain, but similar staking to POS. Governance consists of up to 39 term-limited organizations across six continents. Focus on global economy like TTP, tokens, data storage, Dapps.

Leadership: A    Mance Harmon CEO and Dr. Leemon Baird both previously Air Force, defense industry, cyber security. 17 companies on Hedera Governing Council like Boeing, Google, IBM, LG. 

August 2018 ICO raised $100M

HBAR Foundation Commits $250M to Drawing Metaverse Apps to Hedera

Hedera’s HBAR Foundation Launches $100M Sustainable Impact Fund

Market Cap

Horizen zen


Last 30 Days

Rebranded in 2018 from ZenCash. A POW currency with a POS sidechain for Dapps. Zendoo protocol makes ZEN highly interoperable, and makes a permissionless network of blockchains. Claims to be one of the largest and most distributed. Governance decentralization coming soon. Focused on zero knowledge (ZK) tech; A privacy first network with optional privacy capabilities.

Leadership: B+     Dr. Rob Viglione CEO previously Air Force and Aave advisor, Rolf Versluis cofounder previously Navy and Cisco. Very early, lacking strong dev core and users.

Horizen Labs Looks to Build Out Its SDK with New $7M Seed Funds

Market Cap

Oasis Networkrose


Last 30 Days

A highly scalable POS smart contract network with privacy focused features. Claims to be the first network to support confidential smart contracts. Network is split into two layers. Consensus and ParaTime Layer, which is an execution layer. Entirely permissionless and decentralized. Rose is a solid network but a lot of competition.

Leadership: B+     Founder Dawn Song is professor at UC Berkeley, Nicolas Pinto is advisor. Many Slovenian team members, previously Apple, MIT, FireEye, Eero, Stripe, Genialis.

November 2020 ICO raised $45M

First DEX on Oasis Network hits $100M TVL in 24 hours

Oasis Ecosystem Fund Hits $200M After Binance Labs’ Investment

Market Cap



Last 30 Days

Syntropy is designed to solve issues prevalent in the current Internet framework, including security, privacy, governance, performance, reliability, and ineffective resource utilization. As a Layer 0 technology, NOIA represents the aggregate value of information communicated across the Web3 ecosystem.

Leadership: A     Previously at Tellq, J. P. Morgan, and big VCs. Advisors from AT&T, Verizon, Coinshares.

July 2019 ICO raised $6.6M

Market Cap



Last 30 Days

Aion token is used to secure and access The Open Application Network (OAN), a public network available to everyone. A novel Layer 0 and first hybrid consensus based system that blends PoW and PoS.

Leadership: A-     Young Canadians, Harvard, Hewlett Packard, Deloitte. Advisors Anthony Di Iorio, Michael Terpin Founder of Market Wire & Transform Group, John Lee Managing Director at TMX Group.

2017 ICO raised $20M

Market Cap



Last 30 Days

A highly scalable and easy to use POW blockchain. DAG architecture and NO FEES. HTR has native swapping features, new nano contract features, side chains, and highly compatible. This high performance network is designed to be very decentralized and its POW mining is merged with BTC and LTC, increasing security. Heavy inflation through 2024.

Leadership: A-     Yans Martin CEO Founder previously AI dev, Marcelo Brogliato previously Vialink, FGV Brazil, Unilever, Zillow. Mostly Brazilian team with HQ in Switzerland.

No ICO, $500k raised in private sale in 2020

Hathor Network partners with Simplex to offer fiat on-ramp and Visa integrated debit cards

Market Cap

XDC Networkxdc


Last 30 Days

Enterprise ready hybrid blockchain for global trade and finance. DPOS consensus and a hardfork of Quorum network by J. P. Morgan. Transactions are less than 2 seconds with extremely low fees. XinFin hybrid network is designed to support global trade and decrease reliance on FX infrastructure. XDC protocol is compatible with ISO 20022 and enterprise/legacy systems. Decentralization is a concern with significant amount of tokens premined.

Leadership: B    Atul Khekade (Singapore/UAE) is a serial internet founder, Ritesh Kakkad (India) cloud tech founder. Advisors Andre Casterman previously Swift, Simon Bowles, David Freuden at Fantom, Roger Ver involvement is concerning.

February 2018 ICO raised $15M

TradeTeq To Securitize Trade Finance Receivables On The XDC Network's Public Blockchain