Crypto Consultant

Meet Locally or Online.

I answer all your crypto related questions and help you take advantage of decentralization, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. 

  • I charge $50 per hour and a $25+ travel fee based on where we meet. There is no travel fee if we use Google Meet online. Please pay upon scheduling.

  • To get started, please email me with your name and what you want to accomplish.

The illustration below shows the system we recommend for getting started, using commercial hardware wallets.

If you already have your accounts set up, then we can offer a range of tutorials, trading information, and advice on security:

  • Exploring All Sectors of Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and DeFi (Decentralized Finance)
  • Centralized Exchanges
  • Non-Custodial Software Wallets (Metamask, Trust Wallet)
  • Decentralized Exchanges
  • Managing Keys and Cold Storage vs Hot Wallets
  • Safe and Efficient Practices When Trading
  • Buying NFTs, Virtual Real Estate, and Blockchain Domains (ENS)
  • Understanding Charts and Tokenomics on Coinmarketcap
  • Traditional Technical Analysis With Indicators
  • Trend Analysis
  • Trading Strategies
  • Current Regulations and General Information About Taxes
  • Blockchain Fundamental Parts and Processes
  • History of Fiat, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum


Please view my profile on Superprof to learn more about me.

I am the highest rated cryptocurrency teacher on that website. 

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