Cloud Computing 100x

Token Trackers are market indexes; lists of fungible tokens in various sectors of cryptos. FLT is vetting projects based on fundamentals like leadership, vision, and financials. The 10x indexes are larger market cap projects and are more established. The 100x indexes are high risk projects with low market caps and are usually early in their development. These indexes are used by the FLT Trading Model to make swing/trend/grid trades for strategy and algorithm research. The crypto industry is extremely risky so trade on your own discretion and do your own research. This is not financial advice.

Cloud Computing 100x projects offer many kinds of internet services like data processing, storage, and servers.

Token Title
Market Cap

Holo Token hot


Last 30 Days

A peer-to-peer distributed platform for hosting decentralized applications.

Leadership: A    Founders of Emerging Leader Labs, experienced contractors and advisors.

2018 ICO raised $20M

Market Cap

Cere Networkcere


Last 30 Days

Customer Relation Management blockchain ecosystem in a Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) optimized for service data integration and data collaborations. Part of the consortium of projects from Polkadot and Cosmos, united by the vision of cross-chain interoperability, 

Leadership: A+    previously Houbi Global, Bebo, Tencent, many Silicon Valley corporations.

Nov. 2021 ICO raised $33.7M

2018 ICO raised $20M

Market Cap

Internet Computericp


Last 30 Days

Turning the public internet into a world class computing platform.

Leadership: A+     Dominic Williams Chief Scientist of DFINITY, early Mirror Labs. Others previously at IMB, Google. RESEARCH HEAVY.

DFINITY raises $102M from a16z and Polychain for a decentralised ‘Internet Computer’ to rival AWS

$223M fund for Internet Computer builders — but community is wary