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Crypto in the real world: IPFS use in Taiwan

When trading, being able to recognize signs of value is a great way to raise your awareness. One notable indicator of value is when people begin using certain products out of necessity. Organizations are generally apprehensive to adopt crypto networks and currencies because of some understandable risks. This is why the decision by Taiwan’s Ministry of Digital Affairs (MODA) to use the IPFS protocol is a powerful demonstration.

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ENS Domains are a rare NFT opportunity

Ethereum Name System has been slept on for long enough. This is an alternative to traditional Domain Name Servers like Google DNS or GoDaddy where you can register a website name like The difference between a .eth and a .com is the level of ownership and connectivity. ETH domains are connected to crypto wallets, NFTs, and your digital identity online. They are highly programable and I believe they will be a necessity for any person or company in a crypto future.

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2021 Year of the NFT

Its hilarious to look at the angle on this chart. NFTs are surely the story of 2021. This is the growth people expect when they come to cryptos, but I bet most of you missed these gains in one way or another. Maybe you were busy right click saving lol. You got to stay plugged in and keep your awareness up.

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