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Bo Shen Hacked on Trust Wallet

In my opinion, both custodial and non-custodial accounts lose 5% each year due criminal attacks or mishandling. The problem is always people messing it up, but the reasoning and the mechanisms are different.

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Layer 1 10x Index Methodology

The FreeLunchTrading “Layer 1 10x” index tracks foundational assets in the crypto ecosystem by investing in the largest base settlement and smart contract networks. Each asset offers unique advantages in processing speed, data structures, consensus, and client software which optimizes them for certain users or industries. L1-10x contains some of the top ranking eligible constituents of FreeLunchTrading’s indexes, meaning they are regulatory compliant, meet liquidity requirements, and have strong historical data. 

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Crypto in the real world: IPFS use in Taiwan

When trading, being able to recognize signs of value is a great way to raise your awareness. One notable indicator of value is when people begin using certain products out of necessity. Organizations are generally apprehensive to adopt crypto networks and currencies because of some understandable risks. This is why the decision by Taiwan’s Ministry of Digital Affairs (MODA) to use the IPFS protocol is a powerful demonstration.

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